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Signed the agreement with DRDO for the development of Propellant Machining Robot. 


DRDO Technology Development Fund


    Vashishtha Research Pvt Ltd is founded in Thiruvananthapuram with an aim to support and develop indigenous machine and instrument technology. We believe that the research and development in indigenous manufacturing and inspection technology is very much necessary for the rise of a high-tech industrial ecosystem that is not completely dependent on imported machines. This will contribute to the industry 4.0 and the vision of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' or a self reliant nation.

We have primarily focused on robotics and machine technology. The hardware of the machine, its electronics and associated firmware, and indigenous engineering software are all developed by us. Our indigenous machine controller and its peripherals can generate unique motions for specialized robots such as a cable driven parallel robot. Our engineering software is developed in C++ and OpenGL software to give a professional viewing and simulation experience. We are developing a digital twin for each of our systems using our visualization and physics engine. We are also developing inspection technologies such as Infrared Thermography and Laser Shearography for non-destructive testing. These will be mounted on the robotic system for scanning over a surface.

Thus, we aim to develop a full end-to-end solution for Non-Destructive Testing and also for manufacturing applications like filament winding and cutting machines. These will be used for industries ranging from Aerospace and Automotive to furniture and textiles.

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