VR Scoop: Solid Propellant Machining

VR Scoop is our solid propellant machining robot developed for DRDO. This robot is a 5 Axis machine that can go through the bore hole in a solid propellant and make groves and slots of different sizes, depths and angles. This machine is developed with safety as the prime concern and showcases our engineering excellence in machine development and automation.


The machine features a remote monitoring and control station for added safety. The machine is rich in safety systems and monitoring equipment’s that are perfectly combined with precision machining control system. We have also developed a custom machine to generate machine paths required for the required slot designs developed by DRDO.

The machine showcases our unique approach to develop a completely indigenous solution to unique scenarios by using equally approaches to rise to the challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR Scoop?

VR Scoop is our cutting-edge solid propellant machining robot developed for precision grooving and slotting of cured solid propellants.

What is the main purpose of VR Scoop?

VR Scoop is designed to accurately machine grooves and slots of different sizes, depths, and angles in cured solid propellant.

What makes VR Scoop unique?

VR Scoop features a 5-axis machining capability and advanced safety systems, making it an innovative solution for propellant machining

What types of materials can VR Scoop work with?

VR Scoop is specifically designed to machine cured solid propellants used in aerospace applications.

How does VR Scoop ensure precision machining?

VR Scoop combines precision machining control systems with safety features to ensure accurate and safe propellant machining.

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