Carbon Chakra

Carbon Chakra Is our research-grade desktop filament winding machine. It features a 4 axis system that is capable of winding circularly symmetric parts such as cylinders, tapered cylinders, and pressure vessels. The Machine is ideal for the manufacturing and testing of vessels and cylinders of small sizes ranging to 1.5m length and 250mm dia.

The Salient features of our system include

  • 4 degrees of freedom
  • Tension Control for fibers
  • Resin Viscosity Control
  • Resin fiber Volume fraction control
  • Multi-spindle winding support
  • High-load mandrel support
  • Fully in-house developed
  • Friction modeling
  • Support for different mandrel geometries
  • 3D interactive widget for visualization
  • Industrial standard machine controller design
  • Standard safety features
  • Motors and Controllers selected for high load and reliability
  • Limit switched and mechanical stoppers
  • Overcurrent, Overvoltage and Surge protection
  • Software motion simulation
  • Emergency stop
4 axis Winding Machine


  • The length of the machine = 2.5m
  • Width of the machine = 2m
  • Height of the machine = .6m
  • Max Winding length supported: 2000 mm
  • Maximum stroke length: 180mm
  • Speed: 0-9 m/min
  • Maximum Diameter of mandrel supported: 300 mm
  • Speed: 0-60 RPM
  • 3-Jaw self centering chucks (2 Numbers) are provided for mounting the mandrel
  • 0.5 Liter capacity water heated resin bath with temperature control
  • Multi spindle winding – 2 spools
  • Nylon and steel rollers with ceramic eyelets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of parts can Carbon Chakra wind?

Carbon Chakra is designed to wind circularly symmetric parts, such as cylinders, tapered cylinders, and pressure vessels.

What are the specifications of Carbon Chakra?

Carbon Chakra features a 4-axis system, a maximum mandrel width of 300mm, a maximum mandrel length of 1.5m, and various software-controlled parameters.

What are the advantages of using Carbon Chakra for filament winding?

Carbon Chakra offers precise tension control for fibers, resin viscosity control, multi-spindle winding support, and customizable winding patterns.

Can Carbon Chakra wind both glass and carbon fibers?

Yes, Carbon Chakra is compatible with both glass and carbon fiber filaments, providing flexibility in material choices.

Is the winding software included with Carbon Chakra?

Yes, Carbon Chakra comes with our in-house developed Winding Guru software, which allows you to generate winding patterns and simulate the winding process.

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