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Discover a world of advanced technology and unmatched precision with our revolutionary products. Engineered to redefine industry standards, our offerings promise unparalleled performance and exceptional value.

Filament Winding Machine

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Precision Filament Winding Solution

Precision and Performance Combined. Our Filament Winding Machines are engineered to perfection, setting new standards in composite manufacturing. Discover our powerful carbon fibre winding solutions with Carbon Chakra and Carbon Chakra Pro.

Filament Winding Software

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Integration with Technology

Optimize your composite manufacturing with our advanced Filament Winding Software. From 2 to 5-axis support, interactive 3D visualization, and precise winding pattern generation, we empower you to create flawless composite structures.

Emerging Technologies

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Emerge as the Best

Go through our Innovations in Emerging Technologies. From Automatic Fibre Placement to Propellant Machining, we lead the way in transformative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Composite Manufacturing Services

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Tailored Excellence

Discover our comprehensive Composite Manufacturing Services – a one-stop solution for your custom composite needs. From filament winding to composite engineering, layup, and tooling, we engineer excellence layer by layer.

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    • Sigin DS
    • CEO & Founder

    Composite Engineering Solutions takes my practical ideas and elevates them with cutting-edge tech. It's not just engineering; it's pure excitement and innovation

  • Client Image
    • Revathy P
    • Manager

    The team at Vashishtha isn't just about products; they're about practical solutions. They delivered exceptional results, I'm beyond grateful to the Vashishtha team!

  • Client Image
    • Sachin Chandran
    • CTO & Co-Founder

    Filament winding services at Vashishtha are top-notch. Precision and quality can't be beat. Perfect for my robotics projects and innovative applications

  • Client Image
    • Tom Livin
    • CEO & Founder

    Thanks to Vashishtha, carbon fiber Composite engineering solutions have helped me in practical, high-performance applications. I can't imagine my projects without it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Carbon Chakra be customized?

Yes, Carbon Chakra Pro offers customization options to meet specific requirements, making it a perfect fit for specialized applications and production lines.

What is VR Scoop used for?

VR Scoop is a 5-axis solid propellant machining robot. Engineered for precision grooves and slots, it redefines machining in the realm of solid propellants, ensuring safety and excellence.

How can Cartesian Robots be customized?

Our Cartesian Robots offer up to 6 axes and versatile integration options. They can be tailored to your unique automation needs, from pick-and-place tasks to advanced scanning applications.

How does VR NDT Thermographic NDT work?

VR NDT Thermographic NDT employs thermal data to detect defects in composites and metals. With active thermal excitation and advanced software, it identifies flaws with accuracy.

What services are offered under Composite Manufacturing Services?

Our Composite Manufacturing Services encompass filament winding, composite layup, engineering, and tooling. Craft customized composite parts with precision and expertise.

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