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Our Achievements


Our DRDO Dare to Dream "Robotic Arm for Propellant Machining" is now being pursued by DRDO through Technology Development Fund.

We have signed an agreement with DRDO under the TDF scheme to develop the propellant machining robot. With the technical and experience from DRDO we strive to build  the robotic system. This is the first time such a system is being developed in India  


First Round Angel Investment

We are proud to announce the closing of our first round of external Angel investment in our company.

Mr. Faiz Mohammed Haneef, CEO of Neoito Technologies Private Limited, Pattom, Trivandrum has agreed to invest in our company as an external investor, based on the strategic and deep tech nature of our product development.


Kerala Start Up Mission Research and Development Grant awarded

We were awarded the Kerala Start Up Mission Research and Development Grant to indigenously  develop a the hardware and software for Filament Winding and Automatic  Fiber Placement robots. 

DRDO Dare to Dream 2.0, Winner


In the category of 'Development of Robotic Arm for Scooping/Machining of cured solid Propellant (Shore 'A' Hardness≥70)' Vashishtha Research was declared winner. An innovative solution was proposed by Vashishtha Research for development of a propellant machining robot.

DRDO Dare to Dream 2019 : First Prize

A quadrupedal legged robot that is designed for climbing over aerospace structural panels using vacuum suction pads to adhere to the surface. The purpose of the robot is to inspect the surface for defects and it would carry a non-destructive payload for the same. The robot has a digital twin or virtual model of the system. The gait or walking motion of the robot is programmed in the virtual model and transmitted to the actual robot using a USB cable. This was our entry into DRDO Dare to Dream 2019 competition in the category of multi leg walker and was awarded first prize.

Click here for the demo video



The team from Vashishtha Research, has been selected under the NIDHI PRAYAS scheme to develop a Laser Shearography System. Laser Shearography is an NDT Technique that uses fringe pattern formed from the interference of the speckle pattern of a laser source produced on a sample before and after application of a load to find defects. The system will be the first ever Laser Shearography product that is indigenously developed in India.


Tender awarded by IIT Palakkad for development of Laser based Measurement system

A laser based measurement system was custom developed as per requirement of IIT Palakkad for finding out imperfection on 'C' shaped beams before and after compression test. A panasonic laser displacement sensor is used to accurately measure the distance.

Click here for the demo video

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-11 at

Atal Innovation Mission: ANIC-ARISE Grant

We have been approved for the ANIC-ARISE Grant as part of the Atmanirbhar India Challenge 2021 in the category of ISRO-Robotics/AR/VR. This competiion is organized by AIM (Atal Innovation Mission ). Our entry for this contest was our work in Composite Panel Inspection using Robotics and Thermography Non-Destructive Testing.

Kerala Startup Mission : Productization grant awarded for Robotics and Machine Development (2020)

We were recognized as a winner by Kerala Startup Mission in Productization Grant 2020 and received a startup Productization grant for our innovative product, Cable driven parallel robot and machine development

Kerala Startup Mission : Ideation grant awarded for Cable driven parallel robot

We were recognized as a winner by Kerala Startup Mission in Idea Day 2019 and received a startup Ideation grant for our innovative product, Cable driven parallel robot.

Finalists for IDEX DISC I and DISC III

We developed the very first desktop filament winding machine for IDEX  DISC I and a proof of concept of a marine satellite antenna for IDEX DISC III

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