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Our Team


Saurabh Chatterjee

Founder , C.E.O

Computer Vision, Robotics

Currently pursuing Phd in
Robotics, IIST. B.Tech graduate from IIT Kanpur in Computer Science , M.Tech graduate from IIT Bombay in Control Systems, 3 years work experience in Oracle India and Robert Bosch


Vignesh K.C.

Co-Founder, C.O.O

Design Engineer

M.Tech graduate in Structures and Design, IIST.  B.Tech from NIT Calicut in Production Engineering and 1 yr work experience In TCS.


Jeevan Philip N

Scientific Programmer,

GUI Design

M.Tech Graduate in Solid State Physics from IIST,  B.Tech in ECE at Govt. RIT Kottayam. 


Dwijendra Vats

 Electronics and Communications Engineer Graduate from IEM Kolkata in ECE. Experience in working in an electric bike startup GoZero mobility.

Pradeep P

Pradeep P

Manufacturing and Management Supervisor

B.Tech Graduate from NIT Calicut in Mechanical Engineering

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