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Motion Control 


Automation electronics are at the heart of every CNC machine or robot. We are developing a full fledged automation system with peripherals that can be configured to control almost any type of machine or robot. Our Motion control board provides for up to 12 axes simultaneous motion, which can control stepper or step-servo motors . It has multiple options for communication such as USB, RS485 and Ethernet (ie. it can be IOT enabled ). It also supports peripherals such as keypad, MPG pendant and joystick. This board will be common to all our robots and machines.


Motion control board

Enclosures and wiring harness


LCD display and keypad 

(representative image)

MPG Pendant



Stepper driver board

Peripherals currently being developed are a wireless joystick, a keypad and a stepper driver board. The keypad that can support an LCD display, key buttons, knobs and SD card/Pen drive input. The joystick supports two 2-axis analog joystick inputs, 4 buttons and communicates through RF module. The stepper driver board can be connected to the motion control board using a single FRC cable and can support upto 6 stepper motors. Standard MPG pendant can also be connected to our motion control board.We also develop enclosures and wiring harness for our automation systems.

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