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Machine Development

Filament Winding Machine


Filament winding is a composite manufacturing process which involves winding filaments under tension over a rotating mandrel. We have developed a small desktop 4 axis winding machine, which can be used for research and the manufacturing of small parts. We are also working on the development of a professional engineering software for the filament winding process which will replicate all the functionalities of commercially available software and also go beyond that for non-typical winding applications. More details are given in the Engineering software page.

Filament winding machine : Click here for product demo

Filament winding software : Click here for software demo



Laser Based Measurement System


A laser based measurement system was designed and developed by Vashishtha Research for IIT Palakkad. This system is a custom design based on the research requirements of the institute. 

The measurement system is a manual 3 axis cartesian mechanism which is able to move in the X,Y and Z axis. The end effector is a Panasonic laser displacement sensor. The system will be used to measure the bending of a structural beam before and after a compression test.

Laser based measurement system : Click here for product demo

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