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Inspection Instruments

Thermographic Non-Destructive Testing

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 The Thermographic NDT system is our latest product. It is developed for the inspection of aerospace materials such as CFRP composites and sandwich structure. It offer the user unique features, including options to select different excitation modes and analysis techniques, simple to use Software Interface and a projection feature, that projects the analysis results and markings directly onto the material surface giving the user the an easy and accurate method to mark and detect defects .

 We are using a FLIR A35 camera with resolution 320x256 pixels and temperature precision of 0.04 Kelvin.  We have developed a programmable electronics board which we can customize it to support different heating patterns that may be needed for different materials and techniques. The system currently supports sinusoidal, pulse, linear frequency modulated, Barker Coded and Golay Coded Excitations .


The software also features different analysis techniques for processing the data from the thermal camera. These techniques include Fourier Analysis, Matched Filter Analysis and Time Differential Analysis. The technique available depends upon the excitation signal used.

Other than data acquisition and analysis the software also features tools matching its competitors. The other unique feature of our system is the projection facility that produces a one to one projection of any of the acquired data or results directly onto the material surface using the inbuilt projector. 

Other application : Construction field, aerospace composites, non metal materials

Thermographic NDT : Click here for product demo

                                    : Click here for product brochure 

Laser Shearography


We have set up an experimental setup for Non-Destructive Testing using Laser Shearography .This consists of a laser beam ( 632 nm He-Ne ) falling on a deformable plate . The light is then passed through a beamsplitter onto reference mirror and shearing mirror ( controlled by a phase shifting piezo stage) and into the camera. We then have a software algorithm to process the images from the phase shifting process and observe the phase difference before and after the deformation. We can deform the plate in very small increments at the micron level (ie, a mechanical loading is applied to the sample ) . We are able to see this deformation using the shearography method in the form of fringes . The next step is to develop a prototype which can be portable and used to inspect a panel. After completion, it would be integrated with the lamp hood system and that would be used to provide thermal loading for the shearography technique.

Modulated Thermal Excitation System

The Modulated Thermal Excitation System (MTES) was designed and developed by Vashishtha Research for Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), ISRO, Trivandrum. This system is a custom design based on the research requirements of ISRO. 

The Modulated Thermal Excitation System is a infrared lamp based modulated heating system that is used in the field of Non-Destructive Testing. The system is capable of producing infrared radiation of up-to 2KW power which is modulated to produce different excitation signals, such as sinusoidal, chirp, ramp, coded excitation etc. A standalone GUI software is provided with the system, that is capable of controlling the system.This is to be used along with a measurement instrument such as for Laser Shearography.

Modulated Thermal Excitation System : Click here for product demo

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